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Photo by Eva Verbeeck. 

Photo by Eva Verbeeck. 


Hi there.

My name is Heidi Engelhardt. Thank you for stopping by Simple Sugars to learn a little more about food and me!

I am an extremely passionate creature about all of the topics surrounding food, writing, and self-improvement.

I graduated with a degree in Culinary Food Science from Iowa State University in 2017. I spent my four years becoming obsessed with the molecules in food and how these can impact us as humans in our everyday life. I love everything from planting the seeds in the ground, harvesting produce, creating a meal with a loved one, making it beautiful and taking photos of it. It connects me to the earth, others, and myself.

Food is the one thing that is everything to me. It is scientific, a way to express my nerd-self artistically, physically, emotionally, and it is apart of my culture and everyone else's.

I also spent my four years continuing my passion for running. I ran track and cross country for Iowa State University. It is through this experience that I have found a sincere desire for self-improvement, not just for my running, but as a human being. High-intensity competitive running has taught me so many life lessons that I share on here. If you ever have any questions about my quest for mental health improvement (it doesn't even have to have anything to do with food but you would be surprised how connected they are!) I am always up for sharing my journey.

I fell completely in love with the wonders of the whole world of food during my time at Skyberry Farms in Portland, Oregon. I fell in love with growing my own food, the people, and the process of life. This experience had a tremendous impact on who I am today.

I currently vibe in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen everyday as a Culinary Specialist - testing recipes all day to publish in magazines and cookbooks. Is it a real grown-up job? YES! I can't believe it either sometimes.

If I am not there, I'm probably shaking drinks as a Booze Sorcerer at Provisions Lot F in Ames, Iowa. A farm to table restaurant that has incredible food and vibes.

If I am not there, I might be teaching a cooking class or two on how to make a giant pop-tart or something at the Kitchen Collage in Des Moines, Iowa.

IF I AM NOT THERE....I am probably walking the dog, out for a run, reading a book, at the Farmers Market with Erin, on a death-defying hike with Chase, or a at restaurant that has red wine with Marie.

If my soul was made of cookies (which it totally is) then they are fresh-out-of-the-oven warm because I appreciate you so much for stopping by.




I am open to all questions or anything you want to see on Simple Sugars!

E-mail: heidi.engelhardt95@gmail.com

Instagram: @heeeds

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