I Am Home (& Hungry!)

Remember when I was so excited for Christmas? (SEE HERE)

It has always been an important time to my family and I. The house transforms into a winter wonderland made by Mom decorated with snowmen and everyone's Christmas cards, while Christmas lights sparkle and dark green garland drapes the wooden rails on the stairs. Candles are switched out for ones that smell of fir, pine, and cranberries and plates and mugs are switched for ones with red snowflakes on them. The fire is constantly going because Mom doesn't let the heat go above 62 degrees.

Sugared Cranberries - an Engelhardt staple. Find the recipe at the bottom of this post  here .

Sugared Cranberries - an Engelhardt staple. Find the recipe at the bottom of this post here.

Food is a big deal when I am home. I arrived at my Ohio home on Christmas Eve and I was immediately put to work. My sister, mother, and I have been scheming the Christmas Eve Dinner for weeks now and the preparation started before I even arrived. My family is Danish so Christmas Eve is technically our largest celebration. We cook dinner for 15 people made up of our family and closest friends. We have vegetarians, we've had vegans, we have people of all ages and preferences of food. We have a guest that's allergic to nuts so we are always invited to tap into our culinary creativity and do something different. I've always heard people talk about how bored they are of their Christmas traditions. Our solution: make your traditions vague AF. Our tradition: have a large, over the top meal with good food; so you're always cooking the same thing.

Marie , my sister, putting together her centerpiece.

Marie, my sister, putting together her centerpiece.

Only being home a couple of days, I have realized how much these people (my family) have shaped who I am and why food is so important to me and our culture as a family. I sit in the morning sipping my coffee and I can SMELL the amount of brown sugar my Dad has put in his own coffee, realizing this is probably where I get my sweet tooth from (not mad because he supports cheesecake and Scotcharoos as an acceptable breakfast). On Christmas morning, the aroma of my mom's buttery, homemade cinnamon rolls travels up stairs in swirls, like the swirls they are made of, to wake me up and are more convincing for me to go downstairs than the gifts under the tree. Marie is obsessed with fluffy, fuzzy, soft, hypnotizing blankets and now I realize why I am OK with spending so much money on a nice blanket when I find one - it's no question, because it's important to have in your home. 

Mom's homemade tart cherry cinnamon rolls.

Mom's homemade tart cherry cinnamon rolls.

I could go on and on about the little things I am picking up on within my family - and I probably will, I am here for 10 days! This is the longest time I have been home in a YEAR! I plan on baking, cooking, and making so many things and continuing to grow while I am here. I am off of work from my four jobs (ha!) for these 10 days and will definitely be making the most of it - and most likely gaining a few pounds! ;)


happy holiday eating!!

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