How to Be a Successful Farmers' Market Go-er

It's the other most wonderful time of the year! FARMERS' MARKET SEASON.

I am lucky enough to live in a city with an extremely diverse farmers market with over 300 different stands. Overwhelmed? Don't be. They are all packed into 9 city blocks and range from fresh vegetables to clothing to live music.

The Des Moines Farmers' Market never ceases to impress me! There are SO many reasons on why I'm OBSESSED with farmers' markets. It's a beautiful way to spend an early, weekend morning, it supports local vendors and you can find almost ANYTHING - and don't get me started on the SAMPLES - granola! salsa! wine! at 7:30am!!!!!! A lot of the time, I go there and find so much inspiration from all the fresh produce, charming art work, and smiling faces.

I could go on about all the ~feels~ at the market but for now here are some tips on being a successful market go-er. Of course, I'm going next Saturday and will share all my favorite spots. Let me know if you want to join Erin and I!



1. Go early. Erin and I love to go early - it's the semi-calm before the storm. You get to walk around at your own pace, don't have to wait in line, get face-to-face time with the vendors/farmers themselves, and get to the goodies first!


2. Bread first! That fresh baked bread is obviously going to be the freshest in the morning - get your pick of the prettiest, biggest, most delicious loaves before they run out.


3. Flowers last! There is nothing more disappointing than walking around in the sun with that Instagram-worthy bunch of beauties only to find them limp, soft, and probably close to death. They need to be in water asap! Some vendors might give you a plastic bag of water - which helps, but get them inside and in a vase as soon as you can!

Erin  and a dog she almost stole.

Erin and a dog she almost stole.

4. Bringing a dog? Only bring your dog if they are ok with crowded spaces, other dogs, and respect other people. The dogs are honestly half the fun but not if there are stealing my cinnamon roasted nuts straight from my hand! Also, I am usually carrying a coffee, a camera, some food, and a bag - so holding onto a spunky pooch might be hard. If this is your issue, invest in a hip leash. But please, bring your dog - we all appreciate giving pets as much as they love getting them. :) 


5. Bring your own reusable bag!!!! There is nothing more annoying than hauling around multiple plastic bags and it honestly makes it SO easy - and sustainable - to carry everything you got at the market. They definitely sell them at the market - look for the market info stand! p.s. I saw a cute woman with a 'des moines, iowa' tote with flowers in it and she looked magazine cover READY. So look cute, be smart, and buy a reusable bag.


Share what you love about your farmers' market below!