I Said YES to Everything for a Whole Month

I DID, I REALLY DID! I was making a conscious effort to be aware of everything I was able to say 'yes' or 'no' to.

I said yes to everything that anyone asked of me. I said yes to every extra shift at the bar, every social event, every glass of wine with Erin, and every sweet treat that came across my face.

I wanted to see what life was like to take every opportunity that the universe presented to me, and along the way I learned something huge.

A S'mores donut I said 'YES' to at  Jessup Farms  in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A S'mores donut I said 'YES' to at Jessup Farms in Fort Collins, Colorado.

What I learned is that I am saying 'yes' to something at every moment of my life, and you are too.

You give the power to every action you take and every thought you have. To me, this month, my relationship with others, with running, and with food were particularly evident. The more I thought about these, the more I consciously chose thoughts and actions that I was confident in.

My most important lesson from this month was learning what my body needs and what my limits are. I now know what these needs and limits are related to work, being social, and with my nourishing myself.

I am aware of what makes my body feel good for all the work that it does, everyday, whether it be standing in the test kitchen, running around Des Moines, or shaking drinks for the thirsty patrons of Ames. 

I said YES to a whole pint of ice cream one night. Something like this used to make me feel nervous and shameful, and actually the very next morning I felt absolutely amazing on my run. I was craving something sweet and rich; and I learned that if my body is craving something, it truly needs it. I have a feeling I'll be hanging out more with Ben & Jerry outside of 'Yes Month'.


WHAT ARE YOU SAYING 'YES' TO? What are you giving power to? Or WHO are you giving power to? Are you saying 'ok' or 'sure' instead of a 'YES!' or a 'HELL YES!'? Confidence in everything you do, say, and EAT, will create such an appreciation for all that is happening in your life. I encourage you to say YES today. Say yes to the donut, yes to that spontaneous dinner date with a best friend, whatever it is please make it YES!