These are just some of the people that influence my life. Get to know them and all of this just might make a little more sense.


Marie Engelhardt

Marie is my sister and also best friend. Marie and I are the hype squad of almost every good restaurant. We become  O B S E S S E D  with the dishes we eat, the people in the restaurant, the bathroom walls, the colors, and aren't embarrassed to take a million pictures of our food before we eat it. We love Food52, Erin McDowell, Amy Poehler, John Mulaney, and every year we plan a Food Vacation to Minneapolis. Marie spends her days and weekends managing the entertainment of the world and also going to said events. She loves to listen to the same song for hours on repeat and Hot Chicken. Keep yourself updated with this one in Columbus, Ohio where she lives or wherever she goes next, here.


Maryn Lowry

Maryn is quite literally my counter part and one of the most important people to influence my life. She is currently running for the University of Montana while getting her Masters in Health and Human Performance. She will one day be the best chiropractor in the universe. We lived together and more importantly, cooked together all 4 years in college. Our meals were spontaneous, delicious, sometimes healthy and sometimes filled with butter. The best experience you could have with Maryn is going for a run, sharing a french press of some dark as sh*t coffee, and making banana pancakes while listening to the song Banana Pancakes. Follow Maryn's life adventures here. She also gives the best hugs.


Erin Hooker

Erin is the definition of a badass. Erin spends her days working her mind at an advertising agency in Des Moines, Iowa. She then spends all weekend creating, experiencing new things, the occasional run, and enjoying the more-than-occasional incredible meal - made by her or her favorite restaurant. She loves red wine and she is extremely efficient at ordering pizza for us late at night. I honestly could not see myself going through this part of my life without her. She is also the mastermind behind the lifestyle blog, Hardshell.


Chase Gross

Chase is one of my fave creatures ever. He is my partner in life, in dancing, in ridiculous adventures, and in being the most extra at a restaurant. We look forward to hearing Despacito and Mi Gente as many times in a day as possible. He is extremely talented at absolutely everything besides finding directions and ordering pizza (which is why we have Erin). Follow his life in Fort Collins, Colorado and the life of his pet goat Pablo here.


Maggie Gannon

Mags is my lil boho mama queen. We ran together in college but weren't really friends because I was scared of her even though she is about 4 feet tall (I kid but she is v small). She was so badass in general and had the confidence that I wanted in life. It wasn't until after she moved back from Colorado to Ames that we started hanging out. Soon enough she found me my little fur child of a dog, Jo. Maggie teaches me so much about living a confident life that she is so important as to who I am today. She will continue to change the lives of so many others as she goes to medical school at the University of Iowa. Follow her along here, and you will wish you were as cool as her and her dog, Leo.