Science & Sandwiches for Soulmates

I still strongly believe I lured my boyfriend in and won him over with a perfect grilled cheese.

Still not quite sure how he hangs out me so much but I'm guessing it's partly because I secretly used my nerd-ness with food to make us a bomb-ass grilled cheese the first time we hung out.

So basically, the future of your love life is based on coagulated proteins from the milk of a cow.


I kid.


But really.



The perfect grilled cheese is brought to you by pH. You know that thing you learned in chemistry with ions and hydrogen and all those titrations Mr. Bracken was literally yelling about because he was so excited?

Yeah I get that way when you talk about cheese. So let's put them together.

Cheese is full of proteins. The longer cheese ages the more that lactose in that cheese is converting to lactic acid, and lowers the pH. The lower the pH the more clumpy it will be when you try to impress the boy. Aging the cheese also results in the evaporation of moisture, which also equals less melt, which yes, equals less likely to impress the boy.

What we want is for the proteins in cheese to easily break down and result in what we recognize as ooey gooey cheese. This is done through achieving a higher pH. Which happens through the presence of calcium in cheese that lets it break down. The perfect cheeses have a pH of around 5.5. I believe anything between pH of 5-6 is impressionable.


MILD cheddar (sharp cheddar is aged longer)




So, what do you do now? Ask your lover to share a casual meal of grilled cheese. They will have low expectations and probably expect wonder bread and american singles. No pressure at all. The evening will be calm, cool, collected. HOWEVER, you have the power and the knowledge to win them over. Harness the power of cheese and science to get you a second date.



per grilled cheese:

2 slices of fave bread

1 tablespoon butter, room temperature

2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

Let your date spread the butter on one side of each slice. It'll make them feel like they are really contributing and again, we're trying to be casual here.

Sprinkle the buttered sides with parmesan cheese and gently press. This will create such a crispy, golden crust that will make you not want to share.

Put the buttered side down on a skillet over medium high heat.

2 slices manchego

1/2 avocado, sliced

3-4 slices red pepper

3-4 slices of red onion

2 slices cheddar

Pile these on in order and then place your last piece of bread, buttered and parmesan side up, on top.

The way you flip this beast is always important. So practice and give the sandwich to your roommate and see if they fall in love with you first.

Heidi Engelhardt