Day 2: Bellecour

We awoke to freezing temperatures but no sideways wind - g'bless.

Our Air BnB provided a delightful breakfast of homemade granola and fresh pastries from the bakery across the street. We ate with our gracious hosts (seriously if you are in MN let me know and I will hook you up with the best Air BnB in history) and sipped coffee with a corgi on my feet. It was hard to leave but we walked through the streets of a neighborhood with the most personality I've ever witnessed! Every house was a different size, shape, and color.

Marie and I made the trek to Wayzata, Minnesota. The town was covered in a thin layer of fresh snow, overcast skies, and the possibility of more food - a perfect scenario for us. 


Let's revisit something for a little - THE CREPE CAKE from Spoon & Stable. The owners of Spoon & Stable opened up a sister restaurant, Bellecour, in Wayzata and we followed the whole building of the restaurant to the opening of it's doors on Instagram. We became obsessed with the culture they were creating, we drooled over their hand-painted wallpaper, and we made plans to go for months. Our time finally came.


The pastries smiled at us through the window, inviting us in, promising a land of sweets, treats, endless coffee and brunch plates to make your heart stop. We arrived early, of course, to move slow, enjoy, and take in every piece of this thoughtfully curated wonderland. 

Marie and I sneak a peak into the bakery to say hi to the array of pastries and breads but head through to the hallway filled with light. As we are guided to our seats, the mood is lifted. We are again, invited to slow down and enjoy as much as we can. I feel like I could twirl in my seat, I feel energized, and ready to devour this menu.


Marie and I both decide not on coffee, but on hot chocolate to compliment the changing weather outside. It is some of the best - and it's not even sweet. It tastes like true, dark chocolate. It is slightly bitter, but also extremely smooth.

Servers waltz their way around our table, filling our water, delicately placing silverware in front of us, and finally dropping our Croque Madame and Bacon & Gruyere Quiche.

IMG_6287 3.JPG

The quiche was completely smooth, lusciously creamy and each bite held a nestled nibble of bacon. You could see layer upon layer in the crust - crunchy and flaky. The richness and creaminess paired perfectly with the bitter greens salad.

We knew the Croque Madame was going to be good - but it was a grand surprise how delectable this sandwich was. The crispy, crusty brioche bread held juicy meat that was definitely sliced from a whole, tender cut. It was then showered in a mornay sauce, and topped with a fried egg - the epitome of brunch. A sandwich like this just keeps the ball rolling with more crispy, crunchy pomme frites to soak up all that extra mornay.


The meal didn't end here. We wanted to spend as much time as possible in Bellecour. We were barely talking, just nibbling, enjoying, people watching, and trying to pick out the tiniest of details hidden throughout the restaurant. Next, a Paris-Brest served with a filling of hazelnut mousse, vanilla bean ice cream, and chocolate sauce.

We took a cute sister pic in front of their hand painted wallpaper in the next room over. I lurked in the corners to try and capture the people working in this magical escape of ours. The bar: big, beautiful and well stocked. The kitchen: crisp, lively, and extremely energetic.


We will be back Bellecour, thank you for the food, the vibes, and a seat at your table - we are truly grateful!