Crepe Connections

It was an overcast, breezy Minnesota day at 10AM.

We were not the only ones waiting outside Spoon and Stable to claim our thrones for Sunday brunch.

Marie and I sat down for a front row seat right next to the kitchen window. The "window" is not always literally a window but the place where the food starts its transit from kitchen to table - from a regularly made dish in this restaurant to a meal that transforms my thoughts and feelings.


The servers, bartenders, and managers are all in light blues, grays, and navys. The atmosphere is light, spunky, and this soft backdrop of colors lets us focus on the most colorful thing in this place: the food.



We are greeted as some of the first customers of the day. I turn my coffee cup right side up and the server immediately fills it up without asking. We are then presented with some paper and a golf pencil. We explain that we have never been here before and she explains that the walnut bar top behind us is on display for us to explore.


It felt like slow motion: we turn our heads just past the kitchen window to find a long, hip-height bar completely filled with pastries and more. We are more than excited; we go up together, each falling in love with a different pastry, donut, or scone. It's funny what we are drawn to in the moment and how it can be different than someone else. I might not even know that I want a maple cream donut but as soon as Marie suggests it, I want it. I want to share the experience of sharing it with her.

Marie making a hard decision. Ugh.

Marie making a hard decision. Ugh.

The details of this presentation are everywhere. The hand-written place cards feel so genuine. The pastries found their place in this world, in complete harmony with each other on this walnut bar top - and all for us to gaze at, pick and choose (how can you choose?! it's like picking a favorite child!), and eventually EAT.

But, what really catches our eyes (all two of hers and four of mine) is the 30-Layer Crepe Cake. We mark it on our sheet with the golf pencil. We return and my coffee is filled up again #blessed. We order other items on the menu like the perfectly cut quiche pictured above.



I am firm believer if everyone had a slice of this, there would be no more problems in this world. Everyone would realize their full potential and go off in the world and just do good everyday. 

My mind is instantly drawn to the fact that there are so many layers - so many tiny, delicate layers - filled with intention. I think about the person making this. Were they having a good day? I mean they had to be, they were making ART, CONNECTION, AND DELICIOUSNESS. What were they thinking about when making it? How IN THE ZONE were they? Did they treat it like it was the only thing they had to worry about? They had to be so present, so in the moment to make something this flawless. They invested their energy, their vibes, and their time all into this cake that is forming a long-lasting memory for me. So, thank you Crepe Cake Stranger.

What is also so special about this, is that Marie and I are sharing it, for the first time, together. We alternate taking bites, looking at each other, and "oh my gods." 

And all of a sudden, we are sharing so much more than a cake. We are sharing this experience, with no one else. No one will understand this like we will - we share a language. We can compare other things to this cake. Our days are now on a scale from zero to Crepe Cake. The way we communicate is different and it's something that is unique to our relationship.

This cake was powerful. While this could be a common experience for most people, experiences like these bring me even closer to the people that I love, makes me feel connected and makes me oh so happy.